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Levatacola Jeans Ref.93839

Dark blue


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The Colombian denim or jean that is exported presents different designs, but surely, none as authentic as the jean lifts tail. What makes it special?

Well, in addition to all the quality conditions and technology applied in its material and confection, there is the innovative design with which the effect of enhancement is achieved in the female buttocks.

All this accompanied by very flirtatious and particular details, which enhance both the figure and the style of each woman who wears them.
But for you to see more clearly the differentiating characteristics of the jean lifts tail, here we list them:

  • They have wide waistbands, which combine the elasticity of the material with rigidity in the seams, to make pressure and hide possible fat or bulges in the abdomen and hips.
  • In its confection is involved in engineering with a vertical tweezers under the waistband and heart-shaped seams, which is achieved by shaping the buttocks.
  • The denim or jean fabric has an integrated technology that makes it elastic and allows the lower thighs to lift the gluteus muscle.
  • This, together with the seams under the waistband, is what allows to mold and enhance the derrier.
In addition to these particular features of the jean lifts tail, you will find that they are very versatile because this same technology and materials are applied in various designs with different lengths, types of boots, colors, shot heights and finishes.

Note: The texture and irregularity of the fabric are given by a special washing process, they are fashion effects and are not considered as defects of the garment.

The accessories are not guaranteed, they are added values to the garment!

The shade of this jean may vary from how it looks in the picture depending on your computer screen or device!

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Weight 490 g

Dark blue


10-36, 12-38, 14-40, 8-34